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Nozomu Takeuchi

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Biogeochemistry Group

Department of Earth Sciences


  • Aug. 2014 Field investigation on northwest Greenland
  • Sep. 2014 Corraborative field work with Chinese Academy of Science on a glacier in Xinjyan, China

Research Subjects


 I have studied on ecology of microbes living on snow and ice, and their physical and biogeochemical processes on glaciers for the last 20 years. In particular, I have focused on effect of microbes on surface albedo and melting of glaciers, reconstruction of paleo-environments by ice cores, and ecology and hydrological process on supraglacial lakes on debris covered glaciers. Study fields on my project include Nepali Himalayas, Tienshan, Pamir, Altai, Japan Alps, Alaska, Patagonia, Svalbard, and Greenland. Methodology of my research is mainly based on field investigations and chemical and biological laboratory analysis of snow and ice from glaciers. .

Selected Publications

  • Takeuchi, N., Fujita, K., Aizen, B., Vladimir, Narama, C., Yokoyama, Y., Okamoto, S., Kaoki, K. and Kubota, J. (2014) Disappearance of glaciers in the Tien Shan Mountains in Central Asia at the end of Pleistocene. Quaternary Science Reviews, 103, 26–33, doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.09.006.
  • Takeuchi, N., Nagatsuka, N., Uetake, J. and Shimada, R. (2014) Spatial variations in impurities (cryoconite) on glaciers in northwest Greenland. Bulletin of Glaciological Research, 32, 85–94.
  • Segawa, T., Ishii, S., Ohte, N., Akiyoshi, A., Yamada, A., Maruyama, F., Li, Z., Hongoh, Y. and Takeuchi, N. (2014) The nitrogen cycle in cryoconites: naturally occurring nitrification‐denitrification granules on a glacier. Environmental Microbiology, 16, 3250–3262, doi:10.1111/1462-2920.12543.
  • Nagatsuka, N., Takeuchi, N., Uetake, J. and Shimada, R. (2014) Mineralogical composition of cryoconite on glaciers in northwest Greenland. Bulletin of Glaciological Research, 32, 107–114.
  • Aoki, T., Matoba, S., Uetake, J., Takeuchi, N. and Motoyama, H. (2014) Field activities of the "Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic" (SIGMA) Project in Greenland in 2011–2013. Bulletin of Glaciological Research, 32, 3–20.
  • Takeuchi, N. (2013) Seasonal and altitudinal variations in snow algal communities on an Alaskan glacier (Gulkana glacier in the Alaska range). Environmental Research Letters, 8, 035002, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/3/035002.
  • Nagatsuka, N., Takeuchi, N., Nakano, T., Shin, K. and Kokado, E. (2014) Geographical variations in Sr and Nd isotopic ratios of cryoconite on Asian glaciers. Environmental Research Letters, 9, 045007, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/9/4/045007.
  • Takeuchi, N., Sakai, A., Kohshima, S., Fujita, K. and Nakawo, M. (2012) Variation in suspended sediment concentration of supraglacial lakes on debris-covered area of Lirung Glacier in Nepali Himalayas. Global Environmental Research, 16, 95–104.
  • Takeuchi, N., Ishida, Y. and Li, Z. (2011) Microscopic analyses of insoluble particles in an ice core of Ürümqi Glacier No. 1: Quantification of mineral and organic particles. Journal of Earth Sciences, 22, 431–440.
  • Takeuchi, N. (2011) Cryoconite. In Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers, edited by Singh, V. P., Singh, P. and Haritashya, U. K., Springer, Berlin, pp. 168-170.
  • Takeuchi, N. (2011) Glacial ecosystems. In Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers, edited by Singh, V. P., Singh, P. and Haritashya, U. K., Springer, Berlin, pp. 330-331.


General Education Course

  • Earth Sciences A -1, 2
  • Natural and Social Environment in Eurasia 1, 2
  • Basic Laboratory/Field Class of Earth Sciences B

Undergraduate Course

  • Outline of Earth Surface Dynamics 1
  • Earth Phisiology 1, 2
  • Field Class of Snow and Ice Studies
  • Laboratory Class of Geochemistry
  • Laboratory Class of Biogeochemistry
  • Earth Science Seminar
  • Undergraduate Research

Graduate Course

  • Basic Earth Surface Dynamics 1
  • Biogeochemistry IV
  • Biogeochemistry V
  • Advanced Seminar I
  • Graduate Research I
  • Advanced Seminar II
  • Graduate Research II

Academic Society Membership

  • Japenese Society of snow and ice
  • Japan Geoscience Union
  • American Geophysical Union
  • International Glaciological Society
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